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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Family Day Out Fire Station Visit 10th November 2007

At 10am on Saturday Nov 10, 17 IBU families arrived at the Hartamas Fire
Station. As they approached, one can see the eyes of each child grew as
big as rambutans. We were all enthralled by the two big red fire
engines parked there.

Sri Hartamas Fire Station has 31 firemen and 2 fire ladies.

Encik Yazli and Encik Rosli were very enthusiastic and very patient in explaining
Fire Safety to us. A fireman rolled on the floor to demonstrate what to
do in the event when our clothes catch fire. We were also told to crawl
instead of walking upright if there was smoke.

Then alarm went off and firemen slided down the pole. When asked to
volunteer, 2 moms eagerly jumped from the 1st floor and slid down.

Next we were introduced to the wonders of the fire trucks. Now I even
know where the snake box is! A snake box is a container where captured
reptiles are held. All the kids had a chance to sit by the wheel,
touched all the buttons, explore the inside of these big machines and
ask the friendly fire lady questions.

Then the fire engines were started and wow, all were captivated by the
loud noise. The highlights were definitely the water hose and the
electrical ladder. Each child got to experience the powerful water hose
and see how far the water could spray. And finally parents and the
children went on the magic ride together on the ladder which can reach
many stories high.

At the end of this outing, all were full of excitement and left with a
big smile. That night I can guess what they will dream about. And I
don't mean just the kids!