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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 1st 2008 - Family Bazaar

They came in scores and lined up in teams awaiting the doors to open. Nearly one hundred of them, bargain hunters, clamoring for the opportunity to scavenge through the items offered at the jumble tables and from vendors alike. As the day drew on, the lines subsided, but the numbers did not disappoint. With more than 500 tickets sold at the door and dozens of children, the day proved a hit for the families who came out in droves and a large success for ibu as it brought in over 15,000 MYR to the resource center! . Shopping to their hearts desire, several took advantage of the hotels luggage racks, carting their goods away by the trolley-load!
As if shopping alone wasn’t enough of an incentive to maintain the enthusiasm that marked the day; over 70 donated gifts from a variety of vendors and sponsors were given away in a series of lucky draws. Providing extra coverage for the vendors present, and offering further incentive for shoppers to linger, the lucky draw attracted a steady crowd of followers banking their luck on their tickets while their other halves emptied their wallets at the vendors’ tables. As the lucky draw did contribute so much to the day’s events, we would like the thank all of those who generously donated their items and gifts.
ibu’s largest annual fundraiser was indeed a success and that is in no small part due to the efforts of the multiple volunteers who dedicated their time and energies to coordinate, organize, staff, and conduct the event. Your gift of volunteerism is a most significant contribution to ibu as the resource center is a non-profit whose sustainability relies on the goodwill efforts of volunteers. Without your support and time, events such as this fundraiser would not be feasible nor would the various services and programs offered at the ibu house throughout the year. In recognition of volunteerism, special acknowledgement should be given to our vice chair, Nikki De’ Cruz, whose countless hours went into overseeing and managing the entire affair.
Because ibu is a nonprofit organization, it is no surprise that an event of this scale not only requires the coordination and efforts of dozens of volunteers, but also the sponsorship and support of commercial businesses. Therefore, our most heartfelt appreciation is extended to Expatriate Lifestyle for their promotion and advertorial support, the Westin Hotel for their venue, support staff, and complimentary refreshments, Richard Tong Balloons for their amazing balloon creations, Santa Fe Relocation Services for their assistance in transporting the jumble sale items, Fun Expresso , Da Vinci Creative Kids, and Kindergolf for keeping the children thoroughly entertained: FunExpresso for use of their bouncy castle, DaVinci Creative kids, for their coloring tables, and Kindergolf for their golf expo.
If you are a small business owner who would like to participate in next year’s family bazaar, please contact the ibu office to reserve a table early. This year’s demand far exceeded capacity, so get your name registered in plenty of time so as not to miss out on a great opportunity. And remember, you don’t have to be a small business owner to participate; volunteers are what really keeps the ibu family resource group functioning. If you have the time to spare or feel that you would like to contribute your energies to give back to an organization that may have assisted you in developing your social network within KL, please indicate your interest to Allison at the walk-in center or via telephone 03-2094-2234. Volunteer opportunities can be one off events such as the family bazaar or something on a weekly basis like representing a playgroup; either way, it’s always a rewarding and valued use of your time!

The Selfish Crocodile - 26th April 2008

28 kids and their parents enjoyed discounted rates by booking in advance with ibu, enabling us to get great discounts for the best seats. Look out for future offers, and book EARLY!