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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CPR & First Aid Course - ibu House 23.08.08

SATURDAY 23rd August 2008

Once again, there was overwhelming response to this course, and with a limited number of spaces, some members even had to be turned down. Many members sent their domestic helpers for the course as many have to deal with young children most of their daily lives.

Lynette of ScubaZone has been running the ScubaZone store for 6 years, and has at least 20 years of diving experience , and thus CPR and First Aid behind her.

Lynette outlined the 5 different skills we would be learning:

1) scene assessment
2) rescue breathing
3) one rescuer CPR, Adult/Child/Infant CPR
4) serious bleeding management
5) conscious choking adult/ child / infant management

It was very much a hands on course, with all of us taking turns at the mannequin, blowing hard, trying to inflate the chest, some of us failing miserably, yet some proving themselves highly capable, despite their petite size.

This was a very basic course in CPR and First Aid, however, it gave an adequate insight into it. Some participants had studied CPR in the past, but as with anything, if you have not used it for a long while, you get rusty. So, the refresher was good.

Especially now that many of us have young children or even infants, and along with that the high possiblity of choking, accidents and burns, this course not only taught us what needed to be done, but also what we could do to prevent it. There is nothing like the helpless feeling one gets when faced with a life threatening situation and not knowing what to do.

As they say at Scuba Zone,


Family Day Out - Butterfly Park 16.08.08

Family Day Out
Butterfly Park at The Lake Gardens
16th August 2008

5 ibu families enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning exploring the small but meandering Butterfly Park located within the lovely Lake Gardens vicinity. The Park is looking a little bit old and in need of a revamp, but there are so many things to keep the children busy that no one really appeared to care.

Despite its’ title, the Butterfly Park also houses koi fish, rabbits and turtles/terrapins. There are lovely water features and covered stops, stone crossings and shady areas to stop and take in natures’ beauty.

It can be rather warm, so start the day early and bring lots of cold water. It is not stroller friendly due to the steps, however you can leave your stroller at the top.

As you finish off in the Park, you will come across a huge display of all kinds of butterflies and insects. Try to get the kids to spot the ‘leaf insects’ and the ‘stick insects’.

There is a great little gift shop as you exit the park which in itself is entertainment enough for the younger set! Gifts are cheap and plentiful and you may find yourself a few ringgit poorer, as I did, and a handful of butterfly magnets!

My 2 year old thoroughly enjoyed this visit, and we shall be back soon. Just remember to bring along your local driving license, a phone/water/electricity bill, or some proof that you are a resident in Malaysia, and you get a huge discount!

Wet Market Visit- 20.07.08

Introduction to A Malaysian Wet Market

20.07.08 Sunday 8.00am

New to KL? Never ventured past Cold Storage?
Early one Sunday morning, 5 ibu families went where the locals (and many expats) get the freshest and best produce. TTDI ( Taman TunDr Ismail ) Pasar Besar – literally translated, Big Market. Set aside all preconceived ideas of Malaysian markets. This one is big, spacious, clean and dry!

Whether you are looking to save a few bucks, pick up exotic local produce or just get your hands on the freshest meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit, this is the place to be.

Members were introduced to the best stalls, where the owners speak English and will charge you the same as they charge everyone else! There is no bargaining here,and the guesswork is taken out of the equation as the prices are clearly marked at most stalls. There is stroller access via ramps and lifts and parking aplenty, under in front of or around the market.

There are some interesting (albeit surprising) finds in TTDI Market. One of them being Lizar’s Curry and Spice Shop. If you have dreamed of being able to whip up a spicy local dish you tried during your stay in Malaysia but have no idea where to start, Lizar takes the hard work out of the whole cooking process. She sells freshly ground spices, dry and wet, and prepackaged dry and wet spices complete with recipe on the package! They are truly authentic and you may find yourself braving many dishes at once!

There is also a Fantastic baking goods shop tucked away in a little lane, carrying flour, butter, fresh vanilla beans and everything baking related that you can imagine. Many of the Mums have told me that the prices are cheaper than many of the other baking stores.

Vegetable shops abound and the choice is limitless. I shop at the stall owned by 3 sisters who will just as readily choose the best veges for you whilst giving you tips on how to cook them!

Fruit shops are not prolific but the choice is adequate. Some stalls specialize in only one type of fruit, maybe just papayas or bananas.

Pork is relegated to the ‘Underground’, Malaysia being a Muslim country, this non-halal meat is separated from the rest. Down in the carpark, you will find a booming trade done by several stores. My favourite is the big stall 2nd from right a you enter. ‘Cougar’ my pork man will interrogate you as you order your cuts. He will advise you which cut is better for what dish, and ensure you get the best cut. One of the Mums who bought some pork chops on this trip recently sent me a message informing me that they were, in her husbands’ opinion, The BEST chops he’d EVER had in KL! This, mind you, in the 7 years they’d lived here!

Venture upstairs and you’ll find a few cake shops and a lovely little bakery cum cafĂ© should you need a respite from the hustle and bustle downstairs.

So, one morning ( except Mondays please – where most stalls are resting from the Sunday madness ) grab the kids and head to TTDI Market. Even if you end up not buying anything, ( highly unlikely ) you’ll most certainly get a culinary adventure and the kids - a colourful and interesting adventure!

Mums On The Run - 10.07.08 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Lot 145, 1st Floor, The Curve

18 Mums and One ibu Dad got together at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co at The Curve to test one of KL’s latest culinary arrivals.

Dinner at Bubba Gump sure is an adventure. Just trying to decide what to eat at this well known American chain is a nightmare as EVERYTHING on the menu sounds great. The Coconut Shrimp was really nice and the Shrimp Sampler is Huge! The desserts are really good, and the one called ‘That Chocolate Thing’ was a hands down favourite. So come hungry if you decide to try it!

Service at Bubba Gump is really fast and friendly, once you get used to their system of flipping the sign on your table, otherwise, you get totally ignored!

Overall, a really fun night out with some great conversation and food. Join us the next time we go out, be it Mums on The Run, or Parents Night Out. We’d love to meet you!

Family Day Out 12.07.08 Desa Water Park

ibu families enjoyed a splashing day out at the Desa Water Park. The look on these faces tells the whole story.