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Thursday, March 26, 2009

TUDM Aircraft Museum Visit - 21.03.09


25 ibu families were booked in for this excursion and it was very exciting for me. This was the most I had ever had booked in for an event. However, after one hour in traffic, and many phone calls later, I realized that it was not to be. A massive political demonstration outside the Kings’ Palace meant that most roads on the perimeter of the Palace and around KL had been shut by the police.

10 families did manage to make it to the airfield and it turned out to be a pretty fun day for most of them. The dads seemed to enjoy themselves the most as the heat was pretty unbearable for the little ones ( The museum only opens at 10am, and with the traffic, the sun was well on its’ way to high noon! )

The aircraft at the museum itself seemed to be in great need of attention and many were in a state of disrepair, which is a great pity as there is so much potential to be had in a place like this. ( maybe a few letters from the public – hint hint may go a long way … ? )

As the more energetic dads and kids clambered over the aircraft ruins, many mums sought solace from the sun in the aircraft hangar where the reprieve was greatly appreciated. The littler ibu members enjoyed feeding the fish in the ‘helicopter’ pond.

I am not sure if I would arrange another family day out to the TUDM Aircraft Museum until it had some work done to it, but if you are adventurous and the day is quite cool, do check it out.

Karen Loong-Thomas
Activities Coordinator.