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Friday, June 26, 2009

The ibu Jumble sale 13.06.09

The ibu Jumble Sale

Hot on the heels of the ultra successful Bazaar at Bangsar Village came the ibu Jumble Sale at the ibu House on the 13th of June 2009. The Jumble was organized to fulfill many requests from not only vendors but buyers too, many whom attended the Bazaar and noted that there were insufficient Jumble tables with great deals, something that ibu has become famous for.

Bright and early the day began as buyers from all walks of life streamed in to peruse the wares and sample the delicious baked goods. Some great buys were to be had this year, however it was sadly due to the fact that many families that were vendors on the day were selling up and leaving Malaysia.

The Jumble sale was a good day for all, with many buyers going away happy, laden with bags of goodies, vendors pleased that they managed to sell most of their wares, and ibu made a tidy sum of RM4000+ through the charity and baked goods tables, which will go to the upkeep of the house.

We thank all who came to shop and make this Jumble yet another success and last but not least, a BIG thank you to all our volunteers, whom without you, NOTHING would be possible at ibu.


Paige Head Jo Andrews Catherine Nobbs
Karen Loong Thomas Trudi Bondarenko Sandra Jones
Sarah Jane Harrison Susanne Kaiser- Dalhoff Marisa Rechenberg
Chan Yee Send Amanda Moggie Brenda Boehm
Joy Maclean Suzie Tuomey Adelina Hayden
Angela Philpot Choong See Ming Philippa Richards
Nikki D’Cruz

Many apologies if anyone has been left out of this list.

Written by : Karen Loong-Thomas ( Activities Coordinator )

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