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Friday, June 26, 2009

Special Playgroup - Teddy Bear Tea Picnic 30.05.09

How sweet! A teddy bear tea party at the ibu house! Another special playgroup event on a lovely overcast Saturday morning. 32 children with their teddies in tow arrived to a morning filled with all things teddy-related!

Welcomed at the door by teddy bear name tags, followed by a temporary teddy tattoo, teddy bear craft, cupcake decorating ( complete with teddy bear decorations ) and then on to a sit down session to imbibe in a very civilized teddy bear tea party on the lawn, with the aforementioned cupcakes! The children were especially thrilled to be served tea ( actually apple juice ) in mini cups and saucers. Their eyes grew even bigger when their teddies weren’t left out either as they were given cups of tea too! Many enjoyed the picnic so much that they refused to move and an extra picnic area had to be set up. It was TEDDY MANIA! And it didn’t end there.. it was only 10.30am!

At 10.30am the call went out for all to gather round and Yee Send ( ibu House Manager and Party Planner Extrodinaire ) told teddy bear stories and sung teddy bear songs. Other fun activities included some teddy-inspired dancing and the icing on the cake was the parachute fun! Teddies flying into the air on the parachute sent the children into hysterics and silly giggles all around! What a fun way to end a teddy-licious day!

Many thanks to Yee Send for all the planning that went into this superb party, volunteers Amelie Langdon for the photos, Paige Head, Pipa Yoong-Bayly and Jo Andrews for all the help manning the tables.

Written by Karen Loong-Thomas ( Activities Coordinator )
Pls see for more photos of this event and for more on Yee Send’s Party Planning Services or call 0123927898.

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  1. Fantastic pics! We had a great time :)